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» Women Give More Than $600 for Cleaning Products

Women Give More Than $600 for Cleaning Products

Women buy more cleaning productsTo continue our topic about gender equality at home, namely the distribution of domestic tasks, we have taken a look over at Australia. A recent study on the continent indicate that the situation hasn’t exactly changed as far as who does the cleaning goes. Approximately 60% of the women in a relationship are in charge of the housework. Reasons differ from their partner’s refusal to involve himself in the cleaning to women feeling distrust towards allowing men to take over the cleaning.

Additionally, it’s been estimated that women would spend more than $600 on cleaning products to keep their homes in order.

How does the future look though? The study shows that male partners of the younger generation are far more likely to be active in the house and help women in their tasks with some examples men staying at home to look after the household, while women worked.

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