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» Valdemar Ventura: The Martyr Cleaner

Valdemar Ventura: The Martyr Cleaner

Living Wage ProtestsLife as the face of protest bears nothing but hardships as Valdemar Ventura, 44, can testify. Ventura has been working as a cleaner for years on end at the Cabinet Office, where he was in charge of the office belonging to deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg. Working for a well-known public figure would make one think that payment ought not be a concern, but Ventura has been performing his duties for the minimum of £6.19 an hour.

When Ventura attempted to change his financial situation through writing a personal letter to the ministers of eight departments and didn’t fear him being identified, his employer resorted to a quick disciplinary move to King’s College. Ventura has been accused of security breach and unauthorized interviews for the media and as a result he has been forbidden to speak to the students and covers an area, which requires more than one person.

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