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» The British Museum Cleaners on Strike?

The British Museum Cleaners on Strike?

Fantastic Cleaners The current tendency among cleaners is to go on strike. You can never tell, which group will decide on taking this action, so it’s quite surprising that the cleaners and maintenance workers employed by the British Museum consider the option. The reason behind the strike is obvious, pay and security. A number of sources indicate that the British Museum has been looking into obtaining the services of a contractor.

Outsourcing services makes sense for the business, but places the current staff’s financial and social security at significant risk. Cleaners have always stood in the shadows, when their contribution is concerned and because of their status of behind-the-curtains workers, their compensation for their hard work is often insignificant. The plans of the British Museum will further threaten their stature, so quite naturally the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) feels it necessary to make a big stand and oppose the Museum’s plan.

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