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» Margaret Thatcher with a Motherly Side?

Margaret Thatcher with a Motherly Side?

MargaretThatcherWho would have thought that the Iron Lady would have a very warm and caring interior given her moniker and the stern veneer she has always shown to the world. However, her bodyguard of 20 years is about to share insights as to how Thatcher really was, when no one was really watching and that like everyone, she possessed kindness and warmth.

The author of the latest account of the Baroness’ life is Special Branch detective Barry Strevens, one of Thatcher’s personal bodyguards, who recalls his transition from dread to dedication to his job as a security detail. The book portrays events such as Thatcher’s concern for Strevens after a mild motorboat accident, decorating and cleaning Strevens’ outbuilding for Christmas and even wiping his shoes after he had stepped in dog dirt.

Whether these tales are true remains to be seen, but the book promises to be an interesting reading.

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