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» London Aquarium’s Annual Cleaning

London Aquarium’s Annual Cleaning

The green turtle Boris getting its belly scrubbed.

The green turtle Boris getting its belly scrubbed.

The idea of a big spring cleaning can be quite discouraging. But doing it in the company of giant turtles, various fish, and string rays might make things a little… a lot more fun! Staff of the Sea Life London Aquarium went for a swim in the huge tanks equipped with sponges and brushes in order to scrape, wipe down, and scrub the sea creatures.

The inhabitants of the tanks were quite intrigued to meet their visitors. Without being even remotely scared by the intruders, the turtles and piranhas took their chances to take a look at the cleaners – possibly to inspect the results of the annual cleaning. And the staff sure had a lot to clean! The aquarium is the residence of thousands of creatures living in over two million litres of water – there are approximately 500 species from all over the world gathered here.

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