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» Hospital Intends on Cutting Cleaning to Improve Efficiency

Hospital Intends on Cutting Cleaning to Improve Efficiency

Whipps Cross Hospital

Whipps Cross Hospital has become the centre of a new scandal revolving around plans to increase the efficiency in the hospital by curiously enough cutting down the time cleaners in the hospital have to work. The proposals come from the company charged with the cleaning for the hospital. The official statement from Initial Facilities explains that cutting back with 30 minutes from the workers’ time will not affect the job performed as the reduction will be accompanied by a swift modernization of the facilities and the methods used to improve the service.

Nevertheless, staff worries that one reduction will certainly lead to another, in which case their pay could suffer, a fear Union Unison shares. Furthermore, it’s been expressed that shortened time for cleaning will increase the risk of infection, which for a hospital is a dire concern. What the outcome will be no one can say for certain.

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