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» Cleaners Protest Société Générale’s Latest Move

Cleaners Protest Société Générale’s Latest Move

1In London there is always another fight to fight, another set of rights to defend and another group to help find stable footing. After a small victory, cleaners are suffering once again. The case concerns the London Living Wage, which serves as a means to boost the income of workers to match all the high expenses of living in the capitol. However, the cleaners employed to work at the British offices of Société Générale have suffered a new blow, when their hours were cut in order to compensate the new wage.

The cleaners have responded with a series of protests in front of Société Générale, but many have been pressured into working as they have no other source of income. Numerous of the staff have called out the company on account of its dedication to social responsibility, which unfortunately does not seem to extend to their own employees.

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