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» Cleaners Have Won One Battle For Better Pay

Cleaners Have Won One Battle For Better Pay

Iain Duncan Smith

Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA

If you ever wondered what happened to all the cleaners, who were protesting about payment increase, you will be happy to learn that a small victory has been achieved on the front for cleaners to receive the much coveted London Living Wage.

Sixty workers signed a letter addressed to Cabinet Minister, Iain Duncan Smith, to express their dissatisfaction over the payment they receive and the conditions they have to work in as a direct result. As a result, Smith had all the cleaners invited in order to discuss their wage and now more than 500 workers will be switching to the London Living Wage.

The changes in payment will be finalized in April 2013. This surely is a small win for the cleaners in question. What remains to be seen is whether other ministers will follow the example and give cleaners their due.

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