All that Glitters – Needs Cleaning!

Ship Glitter to Enemies WebsiteIt’s the silliest, and most wildly successful idea we’re heard of in a long time. A recent internet start-up managed to generate 2.5 million site visits and $20,000 sales in 4 days. Clearly they were doing something right, but what? Maybe it was a new wonder drug that guarantees weight loss without dieting, or a fail-safe, painless method of stopping smoking for ever, or… Well, we all have ideas as to what would so quickly capture our own imagination and money. Continue reading

Fighting the Blues: Blue Monday

Blue Monday

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Christmas, the New Year and the celebrations that go with them are over, spring still feels like it’s an age away and getting through the final weeks of winter can be a struggle. In acknowledgement of the fact that late winter can be tough, and in the belief that individuals can help each other to make the tough times better, the Blue Monday campaign was started back in 2009 by the Canterbury College. Blue Monday falls on the third Monday of January so this year that will be January 19th.
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2015 Promises Warm and Cosy Kitchens

Kitchen Designs for 2015
With Christmas and the New year over you might be thinking about taking advantage of the post Christmas sales. With shops and manufacturers alike desperate for turnover, this is a great time to pick up a bargain. One part of your home where wise investment is always likely to show a healthy return is your kitchen; estate agents consistently identify this as the room which sells a home. If there’s any chance you might be considering moving on, take a moment to check out the trends and fashions before rushing off to the sales. Continue reading

How to Deal with the Post-Christmas Blues

Dealing with Post-Christmas Blues

The aftermath of a big celebration can often bring on a bad case of post-holiday blues and this is especially true of Christmas. You’re often faced with saying goodbye to loved ones who you may not see again for some time and there’s the prospect of the dark, cold days of January to come. It has to be done though and if you break it down step by step it’ll all go much more easily than you think. Continue reading

Turn your Books Into a Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tree Made of Books and a Fruit Basket on the SideThere’s no doubt that being turned into a book is one of the noblest fates for any tree, but there’s an appealing symmetry about turning books back into trees, especially Christmas trees! A couple of years ago we shared a picture showing exactly that being done, this year the picture was picked up by a popular readers Facebook page. The first we knew of this was when people started commenting and even posting pictures of their own Christmas trees made of books.  Continue reading

Smells Like Christmas Spirit!

Advent Wreath with Three Big Red Candles

Our sense of smell is such a primitive thing that it can hook straight up to emotions, even when we’re not conscious of what’s triggered a sudden change of mood. When you’re trying to create a festive atmosphere, you should definitely take advantage of the link between odours and emotions and make sure your home ‘smells like Christmas’. Continue reading

Preparing Your Home for Christmas

Colourful brooms

Christmas is still weeks away but we all know how fast the time flies when you’ve got a list of stuff to do that’s as long as your arm. Dealing with busy times is all about organisation, getting as much as you can done well in advance. If you make your own Christmas cake or pudding you almost certainly have them stored away already, your overseas cards have gone out and with any luck you’ve got the majority of your shopping out of the way. If you wrap presents as you go along you’ll cut down on last minute work. Continue reading

Cleaning with Water

Splashing Clear Water

This week we came across an article describing the growing popularity of water as a cleaning agent. Using water to clean is hardly a revolutionary idea, but the combination of increasing distrust of chemical cleansers and the development of new microfiber cleaning products, designed to work without detergents has caused a resurgence in interest in the idea of using plain water for cleaning. Continue reading

Do Detergents Have a Shelf Life?

A Set of Detergents that Fantastic Cleaners Use Every Day

According to some research from the Huffington Post, many cleaning agents do indeed have a shelf life. Just like most food and make-ups, detergents go off after a time. Continue reading

7 Habits to Make Your Life & Home Healthier

Legs Sticking Out of a Car Window with Nature BackgroundSometimes it seems like there’s so much to do around your home that you never quite seem to catch up. At the risk of sounding a bit 1950s about this, it really does help to have a schedule. For one thing you’ll get more stuff done but just as importantly you’ll know when you’ve completed your tasks for the day and be able to feel good about yourself for doing it.

Here’s a suggested schedule that will keep the most important jobs under control in a minimum of time. Continue reading